Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mark Your Calendars for Main Street Cultural Experience!!!

The Main Street Cultural Experience is a new series that will feature a different culture-oriented Downtown Woodstock shop every week on Wednesday around noon. You will learn some interesting facts and behind-the-scenes information and get to know the shop owners as well!

This week's featured Downtown Woodstock shop is Blue Frog Imports!

Blue Frog Imports is owned by Dave Smith and Deidra Youmans. Dave hails from St. Louis, Missouri and Deidra was raised in Atlanta, specifically Little Five Points. Both Deidra and Dave have been artists for many years and have a true passion for it - Deidra and Dave share many of the same artistic interests, such as wood art, mosaics, folk art, and painting. In their spare time, they both love to practice another form of art and expression - yoga! They attend classes at Ember Hot Yoga, which is located in Downtown Woodstock.

The Blue Frog Imports owners also occasionally travel to Peru to find unique items, and continue to go to Atlanta to search for items at thrift stores that they can recycle and turn into something new and unusual. Deidra also hand-makes many items by utilizing old material and sewing it into things like purses, shirts, skirts, and shorts. They buy from the local artisans in Mexico and Peru because they want to support them and their creativity, and also because they can appreciate beautiful, handmade art.

Blue Frog Imports is located on 8608 Main Street, Woodstock, GA, 30188. You can contact them at (770) 592-0122, or visit their website at if you would like more information.

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