Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gold in Cherokee County???

Rob Kelly of the Allatoona Gold Panners will be giving a resentation on the history of gold panning/mining in Cherokee County and how you can gold pan as a hobby now in Cherokee County on Saturday, August 18th at 1pm at the Woodstock Visit
ors Center (8588 Main St) Program is free to attend. Event will feature a gold panning for gold that kids can do for free.

Yes, there’s still gold here in Georgia! The discovery of gold in Cleveland, Georgia led to the Georgia Gold Rush of 1829. The main belt, the Dahlonega Gold Belt, passes through Woodstock, bisecting Cherokee County as it cuts diagonally across the State. In this presentation, Rob Kelly, a long-time recreational gold panner of Woodstock and founder of the Allatoona Gold Panners, will describe the history of the Georgia Gold Rush, the 41 gold mines in Cherokee County, the origin and properties of gold, and how locate a gold creek that may be in your backyard. Then he’ll discuss how to “read” a gold creek to spot potential pay streaks, and finally, he’ll walk through the steps of panning quartz gravel for flakes of Georgia’s 23-karat, placer gold, some of the purist in the world. Following the presentation, he and fellow panners will demonstrate the panning process and let the kids pan for FREE gold to take home.

For more info on this event please call 770-592-6056

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